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Welcome to our only track day for 2018, which is on

Saturday 3rd November 2018

This event is a track driver training day and over the past 6 years has been well received by members and friends who have attended.

With the good increase in membership this year it will be a perfect opportunity for our new members to also enter. It would be great to see 30+  club members there on the day, but if required positions can be filled by friends, family or non-club members.

The format of this day is quite simple.

  • The day usually begins with a track walk designed for those that have not driven the track before.
  • Entrants are broken up into groups based on your experience in driving, e.g – beginner, intermediate, advanced, experienced. – you get the idea!!!
  • Sessions usually last about 10 minutes
  • Some CACA members may assist as instructors on the day.

Arrival time

  • Be there by 8:00 for vehicle inspection.

What do you need to bring

  • Your CAMS L2 Speed licence or higher (L2 NonSpeed Not accepted) and civil licence, otherwise you will need to purchase a Marulan licence on the day which will cost you $40.00
  • Helmet suitable for motorsport, sunscreen, hat and plenty of water. There is a Canteen for lunch and snacks onsite, otherwise don’t forget to bring your lunch!
  • Most importantly bring your car! Along with any tools & spares.


  • The entry per driver will be $175, irrespective of whether the entrant is a senior or a junior. If required payment can be made in 2 x instalments. Please discuss with us payment methods. Payment Forms MUST be submitted by the Monday before, the 29th October, 2018.
  • Juniors over 15yrs old with a proven good driving experience can take part. The day is not suited for learners with limited experience.

What do I need to do to enter

  • Fill in the attached entry form, indicating the names of each entrant, and preferably provide your credit card details.
  • Entrant Registration will only be accepted with a completed entry form and payment.
  • Submit your form ASAP by return email to the Event Secretary at
  • We are required to provide entrant numbers to the Marulan Driver Training Centre by mid October, so do not leave it to the last minute to enter, you may be disappointed.
  • We now must pay for an ambulance to be onsite regardless to numbers, we must get enough entries to cover costs or this event may become more expensive if we continue to run the event.

Cancellation policy

  • Due to the financial outlay, if you cannot attend you will be required to find a replacement, as no refunds will be guaranteed.

Where is the Marulan Driver Training Centre

  • The track is located at Marulan NSW approximately 1 hour 40 minutes from Sydney.
  • Refer to for full location details


Let’s make this a great day —– remember to enter early

Kind Regards,
Neil Blackbourn
Christian Autosports Vice President

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