Hi all,

A great time was had by all last weekend at Awaba – we will definitely be doing that again next year!

With 14 members participating in the event the pointscore will see some changes as some of us had some adventures.

More information as it comes to hand.


Neil Blackbourn.

Vice President, CACA.


Hi all,

We are happy to let you know we are going to do something a bit different for our next khanacross. The next event for us is on Saturday the 26th May, and it is an event at the superb Awaba track at Lake Macquarie, details below.

The event is a part of our pointscore for the season and comes about out of a wish to rest our grounds at Cataract Scout Park, and to get out of our comfort zones and compete in a different environment and learn from how others run their events, in effect, for something a little different.

The event at Awaba doubles with a motorkhana during the day, but is a night event, starting around 6PM. Supp regs have just been issued for the event. Entries are obviously taken by the Westlakes Automobile Club, as it is their event, however they are expecting some entries from our club.

A link to the WAC website: www.wac.org.au. This will give you an idea of the type of event they run. The track at Awaba is twisty and challenging, and many of our members have competed there. I can tell you, it leaves a big smile on your face!

Please find the supp regs and the entry form links below. Payment is only accepted on the day by the WAC. Do not send the form to CACA as it is a WAC event! In the meantime feel free to ask questions of us if needed. Email eventsecretary@caca.org.au.

The WAC have asked if we can be there in plenty of time to enter and pay for the day, so we need to be there as close to 3pm as we can as if we are there later than 4pm our entries may not be accepted. The khanacross is preceded by a club motorkhana, so don’t be put off if there are cars everywhere when you arrive.

Contacts for the event are:

Darren Green – event secretary – mobile: 0459 2369 566 – email: entries@wac.org.au

The address for the Awaba WAC Park is: 408 Wilton Road Awaba NSW 2283 (a map is below).

Guidelines for a club motorkhana:

What To Bring:

On the day make sure to bring:

  • Your club membership card
  • Your current CAMS Licence
  • Your entry form and payment
  • Helmet suitable for motorsport
  • A CAMS approved roll cage is not mandatory but is strongly recommended
  • Required tools and spares
  • Most importantly bring your car! NOTE: All Cars Must Have a fire extinguisher.


Neil Blackbourn.

Vice President, CACA.

26th May 2018 Khanacross Supplementary Regulations

26th May 2018 Khanacross Entry Form

May Awaba WAC map

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