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Hi all,

This event has been run and won, please find the results below. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the team for putting the event together, particularly Chris Madigan, who directed his first event for the club in the weekend.




The upcoming Motorkhana at the new grounds at Pipeline Park, Ferrers Road Eastern Creek on the 15th June, 2019 is coming up and online entries will soon be open for this event.

190615 Pipeline Park MK Supp Regs

The grounds are on Ferrers Road, just past the second entrance to the dragway. If coming south on Ferrers Road pass the usual gate to get to the skidpan and past the next dragway entrance. The new grounds are about 200-300m past this on the right hand side on the outside of the next sweeping left hand corner, the gate is at the end of the guardrail. We will have banners on the gated entrance on the day. The safest way to turn into the grounds is probably to drive past the grounds to the next roundabout and come back up the road, so you don’t have to turn across oncoming traffic.

We would also love to know if you can help out by being an official on the day, please let us know via email –, in order that we can ensure we have sufficient officials for the event.

This is a Come and Try event, so if you have a friend or family member who wants to have a go, but doesn’t have a CAMS licence this is their chance!

What To Bring:

On the day make sure to bring:

  • Your club membership
  • CAMS Licence
  • Your entry form and payment
  • Sunscreen, Hat and plenty of water
  • There will be a BBQ lunch and drinks provided for a small fee, otherwise don’t forget to bring your lunch!
  • Most importantly bring your car! (No rally tyres on drive wheels please).

Arrival – Please be at Pipeline Park (map attached) by 8:30am to complete forms and get your car scrutineered. Drivers Briefing at 9:15.


  • Adults $70
  • Juniors (12-18) $40

Entry is via the CAMS Onine Entry System.

Please note: All competitors to be entered by the Thursday night before the event, 13th June. Online entries close then. Entries on the day cost an extra $10 ($80 total adult, $50 junior) for last minute entries on the day.

We hope to see you there!
Kind Regards,

Neil Blackbourn
Christian Autosports Vice President
Email –

Details for entering online:

So, just how do you enter through the CAMS Online Event Entry system?

This system will hopefully streamline the current admin in administering an event, especially in reducing the waiting time to enter, and the handling of cash and credit cards prior to the event start.

If all runs well you will simply attend the admin desk to be marked off the list, and receive your numbers and scrutineering form. Lunch orders (where applicable) will be handled separately and paid for separately.

Please note:  We are unable to accommodate multiple driver entries at this stage. Each entrant will need to log on individually and enter the event. This may well change further down the track.

You will need to follow the following instructions to: 

  • Log onto your CAMS Member Portal
  • To Enter an event 

Logging onto the CAMS Member Portal.

  1. Type in your CAMS Member Number, followed by your password (if you remember it….if not click on the Forgot password and follow instructions to get your new password).
  2. You will then see your profile if your password was successful
  3. On the LHS you will see ‘CAMS EVENT ENTRY’. Click on this.
  4. Click on ‘Go’
  5. Go to ‘My Cars’, then click on ‘ADD CAR’, and complete the details of your car.
    PLEASE NOTE: When you come to VEHICLE CLASS do not allocate a vehicle class as we will determine the class at scrutineering.
  6. (Otherwise if you use the same vehicle for Motorkhana and Khanacross events you would need to create your vehicle twice.
  7. Complete as much info for the car, ensuring that under ‘Transponder’ your insert the ‘None’ response.
  8. Save you vehicle record and the car should then be registered on the system.
  9. Go to  My Crew. Your details will automatically be shown from CAMS records. Don’t add further drivers – we request that each driver performs that setup individually.
  10. Go to My Details: Check the information that is populated from the CAMS records. Update if required.
  11. Go to My Events: Click on ‘My Events’ then click on ‘Enter an Event’ and select the ‘CACA Event that you wish to enter’
    Please note: Supp Regs and Disclaimer must be ticked by the entrant. Please also tick that you have read them.
  12. In STEP 2 – Select your car and driver using the dropdowns.
  13. Ensure that you tick ‘Adult Entry’ or ‘Junior Entry’ as applicable.
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the entry for the payment details.
  15. Click on confirm and pay’.
  16. Select ‘Credit Card’ and complete your card details.
  17. 17. The system will confirm your entry and payment.
  18. This system will record all entrants therefore making it easier for the director and secretary to have a clearer picture as to the number of runners for the event.
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